The American Council on Exercise

Find the right solutions to your health and fitness needs with Personal Training from TommyFitness based in Palm Beach, FL. I Specialize in Post-Cardiac and Physical rehab,Weight loss, Balance, Coordination, Strength and conditioning.

I will help you recognize weaknesses and take action to decrease or eliminate potential impacts to your health. Together we can create achievable goals based on your lifestyle and physical potential.  I am committed to helping you make positive changes in your life and to improving your overall wellness. I want to help you to live longer & live stronger !


I am a Florida native with a close working relationship with many Physicians in and around Palm Beach.



I am certified in Post-Orthopedic Injury Rehabilitation.                  



I specialize in the following populations


 Weight loss / Weight Management Consultant

               Strength and Conditioning

                  *Cardiovascular disease
                  *Stroke and Gait disorder

                  *Intellectual disability
                  *Pulmonary Disorders
                  *Post Orthopedic Rehab